Use Ringless Voicemail to Generate Health Insurance Leads

Generate Low Cost Health Insurance Calls

Current RVM Clients are Generating Health Insurance Calls for Less than $5 per Call

Reach Out To Previous Clients

Stop Paying so much for Insurance Leads, call 10,000 of Your Previous Clients a Second!

Target Your States, Zip Codes, Previous Clients

Call the Right People, in the Right Neighborhoods!

Lowest Cost Per Deal

Most Clients Reporting closed deals for only $50 in Marketing Spend

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Ringless Voicemail for Health Insurance Features

Want to hear how it works? We'll send you an Health insurance specific ringless voicemail!

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  • * Only 70% of Voicemails have access lines to deliver ringless voicemails. Please try a second number if you don't receive a voicemail within 5 minutes.

    ** Depending on carrier you may show a missed call, called a "Ghost Tap."
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Mobile Phone and Landline Delivery

Ringless Voice messages can be delivered to both mobile phone voicemails and landlines which have digital voicemail services included by their telephone carrier.

Upload MP3 Recordings

Upload a professional message into your portal and you’re all set! You can easily record your own from your phone, just save and upload! We can even provide you a proven script that works with your industry

Uploading Contacts

Create and upload an unlimited amount of contacts. Save contact lists, reuse them, select multiple lists, and more!

Schedule Delivery

Set a specific time and date you would like your ring less voicemail. You can even choose a specific timezone, or default to the contacts timezone!

Blacklists & Litigators

Each time you send your campaign your lists are scrubbed against internal, daily updated TCPA blacklist. Composed of approximately 3 million+ squealers, screamers, complainers, professional litigators and troublemakers.

High Delivery

Our true, high quality, “ringless” voicemail technology will have a 70% delivery rate compared to the 30-40% delivery rate for most systems

Conversion Rates for Health Insurance by Channel

Nothing Compares to Ringless Voicemail for Health Insurance Leads

Ringless Voicemail - 93% Listen Rate
Text Message - Read Rate 81%
Live Call - Answer Rate 56%
Email Marketing - Open Rate 32%
Direct Mail - Open Rate 24%

How It Works

Here is how a typical RVM campaign works.

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  • Step 1

  • Set up Phone Lines

    Best Practices is to have:

    • CallerID Phone Line
    • Gold Phone Line (Goes in Message)
    • Both lines have Metrics, Tracking, & Recording
    • Gold Line Rings Salespeople Live
    • CallerID line will go straight to voicemail. Ideally, this message is transcribed, and email delivered to someone.

    *HINT: When delivery goes below 60% – get a new CallerID phone line.

  • Create A Script

    Scripting. This may sound very basic for some phone sales companies, but keep in mind they are calling you back! This should be answered in a certain way, and your Ringless voicemail campaign coach will tell you how. Reach out for script examples that we’ve seen work!

  • Record Your Message

    The Voicemail Message is what the consumer hears and the name of the game is authenticity. Is this a message you would actually call someone and leave on their phone? Or does it sound like a marketing campaign?

  • Step 2

  • Add Contacts

    The lead list of people who you have spoken to in the past will respond far higher than people you’re calling out of the blue. Make sure you’re placing high quality ringless voicemail leads for your campaign to thrive.

  • Add Suppresssion

    The final piece, suppressions. It is very important to make sure you are removing the responders from your future drops. This is why phone number tracking is so important!

  • Step 3

  • Answer the phones!

    Make sure your team is ready, because you’re about to get a bunch of inbound calls! When possible try to avoid using IVR or dial by directory. The quicker you can put these leads on the phone with a real person the better! Enjoy your leads!

Customer Stories

Hear from some our of our actual customers who now run monthly campaigns and generate their own leads.

Thomas Bryant at East Coast Enrollment Center

Wow. I used to drive traffic to my center though direct mailers. I’ll never ever do that again! I personally think that direct mail is a thing of the past or outdated. Dropping mail doesn’t even come close to the percentage of responses that I get through TLW’s ringless voicemails system and the price is so much more affordable.

JChad Garrell at Blue Cross Blue Shield

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical about the Ringless Voicemail, I have done it before and really didn’t have much luck. This saved me during open enrollment this year and I am still receiving calls 3 months later! I have been using it on other campaigns as well and it has been working great!

Jodi Graham at Keller Williams

We’ve spent so much money on mailers, and purchasing web leads that never convert from Zillow. Who knew it was so easy to have the leads call us. Once The Leads Warehouse experts helped us with our script, our phones started ringing off the hook. And it’s sooo inexpensive compared to what we were doing!

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